An important message regarding COVID-19

An important message regarding COVID-19

There are a lot of emails flying around at the moment with people concerned about COVID-19's impact on their ability to continue to receive items.

From our perspective we are operating as per normal. 

Delivery: We continue to use Australia Post and Skippy post for shipping items. They may be calling deliveries "Contactless deliveries" but that just means the delivery driver will keep their distance on delivery. 

Stock Supply: A number of suppliers are winding down their deliveries or have halted (including Effetre) but we have a very large range of goods so have no immediate glass or stock shortage. There are a few items that are out of stock and will remain so until the manufacturer is back in operation.

Warehouse & Staff: Due to our location we are isolated and hence we will have no issues with getting to our warehouse. We do not generally accept visitors to our premises so risk of infection is extremely low. 

Overall we are here to provide you the products you need and want. We will continue to do that and only ask you and your families keep safe and well in this period of uncertainty.

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