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1141 Olive Green

Original price $24.55 - Original price $26.75
Original price
$24.55 - $26.75
Current price $24.55

Sheet is 2 or 3mm thick and available in 2 sizes with postage. A third option is the full sheet (uncut) is available but must be collect - pickup from Sydney available.

Full sheet is approximately 880 x 500 x 3mm. 

Standard sheet is approximately 285 x 250 x 3mm (the dimensions may vary slightly depending on the sheet)

Sample sheet is approximately 140 x 250 x 3mm 

Cold Characteristics

Consistent Colour. Photo shows the Bullseye catalog colour. The colour in stock looks much darker and transparent.

Working Notes for Kiln work

No color shift. Slight opalizing with excessive heatwork.

Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.