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1859 Rhubarb Shift Tint

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Original price $38.65
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Current price $35.00

Sheet is 3mm thick and available in 2 sizes with postage. 

Standard sheet is approximately 285 x 250 x 3mm (the dimensions may vary slightly depending on the sheet)

Sample sheet is approximately 140 x 250 x 3mm 

Cold Characteristics

Consistent color.

Working Notes

Hues of shift colours change depending on light source (natural, incandescent, LED, or fluorescent) and sometimes thickness, regardless of whether they have been fired or not. 

Finished work will have the same colour shift properties found in the cold glass. When used in small amounts, the shift between green and pink in this rare earth glass is subtle. The colour shift becomes more dramatic in thicker applications and depends on the light source. In mixed types of light it appears to be brown. Not a striking glass.

Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.