Deluxe Kit


When you're starting out in glass beading, it can be overwhelming with what options to choose. For those wanting a little more, we recommend the following kit:

  • Hot Head with Primus Adapter
  • 36 Mandrels - 10 x 1.6mm, 10 x 2mm, 10 x 2.4mm,  5 x 3.2mm and 1x 5mm hollow mandrel 
  • Bead Release - our sampler is sufficient to get you going.
  • Bag of Vermiculite for putting your beads in
  • Glass Sampler - COE104 - 20 rods, 12 stringer,  25g pack of Millefiori and a 20g pack of dark Ivory frit
  • Torch Mounted Marver
  • Tungsten Poker
  • Grooved Marver
  • Video on making glass beads
  • Cubic zirconia pack of 10
  • 5m of fine silver wire
  • Small sample piece of dichroic.

Has a value over $235. 

Please note the graphite paddle in the photo is not currently available and has been excluded from the kit.

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