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Drop Out Mould

Original price $42.19 - Original price $50.70
Original price
$42.19 - $50.70
Current price $42.19

We have a couple of drop out moulds for fusing available

Mould 1 - Small Round Ring Drop Out Mould - Dimensions: 14.9cm diameter, 6.35cm is the inner diameter.

Mould 2 - Medium Round Ring Drop Out Mould - Dimensions: 17.1cm diameter and inner diameter is 7.4cm

Mould 3 - Large Ring  Round Drop Out Mould - Dimensions: 22.8 Outer Diameter, 11.4cm Inner Diameter

These high quality slumping moulds are slip-cast from specially formulated clay, accept kiln-wash uniformly and do not crack under repeated use when handled correctly.