Lampworking Mini Jacks

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The mini Jacks can be used to ream open the smallest opening using one of the triangle shaped blades and moving in and out of the flame. Use the outward force of the beveled edge jack blades for opening any 5cm or smaller tube for a nice even wall and cup shape.

The Jacks can also be used for finishing hollow beads, pendant loops, fine tuning a mouth piece or even opening constriction on a down stem. 

The jacks are made of hardened stainless steel which can withstand much more heat than common stainless steel. They can be held directly in the flame for a few seconds without damage to the steel. Although the ideal use of the jacks, the glass in in between the tool and the flame and in many cases the shaping is done just outside the flame. 

The dimensions of the awesome tool are 21.6cm long and the blades are 5mm wide at the tip to 0.35mm at the widest edge. The flare dimension range is from 1mm to 55mm.