Reactive Ice Rod

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Bullseye limited edition and special production glass are made in the moment by Bullseye's casters when they're feeling inspired. They're manufactured in small batches only, so once they're gone ....they're gone

All rods are 42cm in length and 4-5mm diameter. This colour will shift once its heated in the flame and reacts to metals.

Bullseye is 90COE and isn't compatible with Effetre or Vetrofond Rods. Annealing Temperature range is 505- 520 Celsius.

May React With: Copper, Silver
Cold Characteristics: Similar appearance to 001101 except it may include a slight tint of color (blue to green).
Working Notes: Easily confused with Clear Transparent (001101). Reactive combinations have the potential to create an interface colour, which may continue to develop through multiple firings. Copper-based reactions tend to be variations of deep red to black, while silver based reactions are more likely to develop as earth tones. Reactions are generally related to the amount of copper and silver content, heatwork and surface area contact