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Fusing sheet - System 96

Fusing sheet - System 96

In preparation for a System 96 Glass sheet order please nominate the colours you would like us to Stock in the comments below.

The following list is the colours we have earmarked however there may be others which you can find in the System 96 Catalog that you want us to stock.  

Supplier Cat No Item Name
100SF-ICE System 96 Icicle Clear Smooth
200SF System 96 White Solid Opal
1009SF System 96 Black Opal
533-1SF System 96 Sky Blue Transparent
151SF System 96 Cherry Red Transparent
OA/3005-9SF System 96 Licorice Swirl OpalArt™
532-1SF System 96 Caribbean Blue Transparent
533-2SF System 96 Blue Topaz Transparent
161SF System 96 Yellow Transparent
210-71SF System 96 Ivory Opal
132SF System 96 Light Blue Transparent
130-8SF System 96 Pale Blue Transparent
110.2SF System 96 Pale Amber Transparent
260-72SF System 96 Yellow Opal
152SF System 96 Ruby Red Transparent
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Sarah Dawson - August 2, 2019

If the order hasn’t already been placed,

Chestnut brown Opal and chocolate opal

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