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Here comes February

What a crazy couple of weeks. Loads of shipments came and some without the stock we had expected :( 

Last shipment being TEKTA has been picked up and is meandering its way across NSW now and assuming no more adventures it will be available online this weekend!

A shipment of Bullseye will leave the US shores on the 7th Feb and arrive around the 9th March. This has Bullseye Opaque Frits in Medium and Course and loads more sheet to fill all the gaps in our stock

The shipment of Icicle Clear which wasn't delivered (but Crystal Clear Ice was!) is also on the same ship.

12 Heart moulds that didn't arrive are expected next week and will be sent out for all backorders ASAP. The remaining will be available online once they arrive.

Focus now is on getting photo's of all the stock that came in. Keep an eye out for the newsletter coming this week that has photo's of the Glascadia sheets.

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