Whats coming in August and cutoff dates for ordering

Whats coming in August and cutoff dates for ordering

I was recently asked by a client if I could share when major shipments were being planned and would arrive to allow for special orders. 

This in practice is a good idea - just need to figure out / plan out the ordering in such a way as to provide that visibility. For example, Effetre we order 2 times a year - however its not the same months each year as I've been increasing the volumes with each order hence the need to reorder is deferring. In fact we are planning now to order significant quantities and store them due to the issues with transport. All this aside, I will attempt to put in place blogs that say what is being planned to be ordered and what is coming. 

August 2021

What is coming?

We have 3 shipments travelling from Europe:

1. Effetre - expected to arrive in Sydney Port 12 Aug  and then it will travel up to us so eta is 19 Aug.

2. Reichenbach - expected to arrive in Sydney Port 18 Aug and then it will travel up to us so eta is 25 Aug. 

3. Lauscha - expected to arrive in Sydney Port 14 Sept.

What we are planning to order or are pending items to be made?

  • Molds have been ordered from a US manufacturer. Still pending the molds to be made.
  • Order to be placed on Papyros Paper (individual Sheets and 25m Rolls). Note we wont be restocking the 10 metre rolls as they are too long for Australia post to deliver.
  • Order has been placed for System 96 Stringer and Sheet - just finalising logistics. 
  • Just starting to review Bullseye requirements now - order more likely to be Sept. Focus will be on Stringer, and Sheet Glass. Please let me know if there are colours please are wanting by 31 August.
  • Tools - reviewing graphite tools out of stock to see what is required. Please let me know if there are any tools in particular  you are wanting to help prioritise the ordering process by 15 August. 
  • Reichenbach Frits and some Rod - will be looking to get in every colour in COE096 in Powder and Fine grain as we replace Kugler with Reichenbach. If you are interested in any colour, or want more than 500g of a powder or fine grain, or a different size please reach out. 
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