Index of free tutorials and articles


The following are free resources available online that have been consolidated as a quick reference for your enjoyment.

Valentines Theme

Cubic Zirconias in beads
Flowers NEW
Off mandrel Heart
Goddess Bead
Making a glass ring
Making a glass ring - using emiko
Japanese Heart
Sculptured Rose
Tornado Heart Pendant
Using a Heart Mandrel

Easter Theme

Bunny Butts

Christmas Theme

Deer Sculpture
Holiday Lights by Jeannie Cox
Snowglobe beads NEW
Santa bead

Halloween Theme

Bat Pendant
Blue Hand
Ghost Bead
Ghoul Bead
Sparkling Pumpkin
Sugar Skull

Millefiori and Twistees

Gold stone stringers
How to use Millefiori
Flower Millefiori
Making your own Murrini
Ribbon Cane by Glass Girl
Creating Seashell Murrini

Colour Reactions

Gaia and Ivory
Intense Black
Reduction effects with Double Helix
Reduction on Lynx Torch
Reduction on Nortel Torch
Silver Foil Reactions
Silver Glass Striking
Silver Ivory Stringer

Cool Projects

Eardrop beads
Glass Headpins
Sculptural Grape Hyacinth Flowers

Using Metals

Encasing Silver Wire
Gold Fuming
Silver Foil Fuming
Using Copper foil


Basic Techniques

Adding Bubbles
Colour Mixing
Dots with Kristina Logan
Dragon Scales
Flower lentil
Hollow Bead
How to etch beads
Snowcone bead
Striking colours
Stringer Application
Tiger Beads
Using and Creating Shards
Using Dichroic
Using Pixie Dust (Mica)

Intermediate Beads

Dragon Eye
Hollow Vessel NEW
Landscape: Moonlight


Pendants Techniques

Chevron Beads
Implosion Flower Bead
Implosion Pendant
Jelly fish by Jeannie Cox
Off mandrel pendant


Sculptural Beads

Angry Bird
Bumble Bees
Bumble Bees part 2
Floral Bottle Stopper
Frog by Corina Tettinger
Glass Leaf
Humming Bird
Lady Head Focal Bead
Mantis and Wasp
Turtle Button


Tools and Torch information

Maintaining a dual fuel torch NEW
Using a Heart Mandrel

Fusing Kiln-Glass

Overview of Kiln-Glass

What Is Glass?
What Is Kiln-Glass?
What is Float Glass? NEW
How to Choose a Glass for Kilnforming
The Art of Kiln-Glass
Bullseye Factory Tour

Foundation Skills

Glass Cleaning
Glass Cutting
G-Manu Glass Cutting System
Fusing Basics
Preparing Kiln Shelves

Kiln Concepts & Operation

Bringing Home Your New Kiln
Programming the Sentry Xpress 4.0
Recommended Annealing Cycle for Bullseye Glass

Kilncasting Concepts & Techniques

Pattern Bar: Segment Slab

Kilnforming Techniques & Projects

Milestone Fusible Decals
Working with Powders on Sheet
Attaching French Cleats

BECon 2013 Presentations

Bullseye Colour Stories: Dan Schwoerer, Sam Andreakos, and Ted Sawyer, moderated by Mary Kay Nitchie
Beverly Fishman (Keynote)
Rudi Gritsch
Sandra Gross
Richard Marquis
Tanja Pak with Tom Jacobs
Narcissus Quagliata
Clifford Rainey
Stacy Lynn Smith
Richard Speer
Louise Tait
James B. Thompson
Judy Tuwaletstiwa & Erik Whittemore


Looking Back: Klaus Moje & Dan Schwoerer

Artist Talk: Mel Douglas
Artist Talk: Emily Nachison
Artist Talk: Sibylle Peretti
Artist Talk: Clifford Rainey
Artist Talk: Nathan Sandberg
Artist Talk: Crystal Schenk
Bertil Vallien Sandcast Glass Timelapse

Artists at Work: Miguel Unson