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About Us

My name is Cathy Charles and I started chockadoo Pty Ltd in 2003, when I found it difficult to find a good range of reasonably priced Bullseye glass rods.

My love of warm glass and hot glass has driven the product catalog you see here today and its steadily been expanding and shifting with new and rediscovered techniques.

The goal of life is rapture. Glass is the way we experience it


My focus is to provide a good customer shopping experience from home. To me that means putting you at the heart of our business. To do this we provide:

1. A reasonable range of colours and tools - I strive to have every colour in a range but that is not always possible.
2. Ensuring your order is packed as quickly as feasible. We aim to send all orders out within 2 working days.
3. Providing as much information as we can to make the your experience with us enjoyable and so you can get more out of your glass such as identifying glass batches to make it easier to identify a colour you really love. I also scour the website for new information regularly and share these here -  free tutorials.
4. Having a website that has decent photos and easy to shop online. 
5. Sourcing the product from the manufacturer - not the middle man - to provide reasonably priced products (yes I still have to put food on the table!)

I wont claim to be the best, the cheapest or the biggest. That is pretentious! I'm just a humble glass lover who wants to share my passion for glass with you. 

ABN 52 107 491 038

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