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456 Rubino Oro Vetrofond

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Diameters available: 5-6mm

Working notes:  A clear rod that strikes to a deep pink. " How good this glass was to work with <3. In it’s rod form, this glass (no longer in production) is transparent and could be mistaken for a rod of clear glass so make sure you label your glass rods.

In the flame, it quickly developed a soft, gold pink hue and the paddle shows how quickly the colour forms in the neutral flame.

Take care to melt this glass carefully and slowly as fast and furious will cause the glass to burn and tarnish, leaving behind dark smears that cannot be reversed.

 The flower beads required quite some in the flame, allowing the colour to develop. Longer the time in the flame allowed the deeper the rubino gold glass to develop its colour.

Where the parts of the flower were thick (centre and base of leaves) the colour was saturated and intense. Where the molten glass was pressed between the metal glass leaf shapers, the glass became transparent leaving behind the soft, gold pink colours around the tips of the leaves. 

The flowers beads were decorated with DH gold lustre glass. The round, hollow form shows how dense and saturated the beads can become when they are thick and do not allow the glass to show off its transparency."

COE: 104 and is compatible with our other COE104 glass.

Length: approximately 33-35cm

Vetrofond code: 456

Vetrofond was a manufacturer in Italy that matched Effetre's colour number and compatibility. The company is no longer manufacturing lampworking glass so all Vetrofond is now limited edition.

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