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419 Apricot Yellow

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Diameters available:5-6mm.

Working notes: A premium colour in the Effetre range.

What our testers said:

"Apricot yellow old and apricot yellow June 17 is like comparing apples with oranges, completely different colours. The old batch is a deep fire orange and the June 17 is a much lighter yet bright orange colour. Both colours have a mixture of light and dark so when mashed you can see the variations."

"From the paddle made at the end of the rod, it is clear that the colours used to create this luscious shade show dark apricot, deep yellow and dark shades of blood orange. The other rod of apricot yellow shows definitive shades of soft coral/apricot colors (and at times pink) and is less vibrant that the older rod of the same colour."

"The unknown batch is darker, more translucent and tangerinish in colour. The rod is smooth and when looked at end on has concentric circles of colour going from yellow at the core to orange on the outside. The 2017 batch is lighter, more of an apricot colour and more opaque looking. The rod is rough (similar to ivory in texture), when looked at end on it has mottled orange and pinkish variations."

"both rods worked in a similar fashion - no shocking or devitrification was noted"

"The cores of both glasses have variations in colour so a little mixing of the rod would bring out some pretty colours. When originally mashed you can see the variations, however, when creating a simple gather and then mashing it seemed to lose the depth and become a little flat."

"When the old batch was applied as dots to other glass (both opaque and transparent) and heated to shape etc, it produced a yellowish colour at the interface of the glasses. The 2017 batch didn’t do this but did produce a slight but attractive variation in colour.  Both batches reacted with turquoise producing a thin black line at the interface of the glasses."

"... the gold lustre dots make using Double Helix glass has a tendency to fume and discolour the apricot coloured glass if not handled properly."

"I successfully used the older shade of glass to make a black/apricot spiral twisties - used this in my design without it washing out or bleeding into the black."

for the older batch "I especially love the intensity and saturation of the colour. I love how i can see the under-coloured used to make this shade - orange / yellow etc."

COE: 104 and is compatible with our other COE 104 glass.

Length: approximately 33-35cm

Effetre code: 591419

Effetre was previously called Moretti and these names are still used interchangeable in the lampworking community.

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