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Black Laucsha

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Diameter: 4-6mm 100grams

Diameter available: 4-6mm 

Working notes: This is a opaque rod. Lauscha glass is known for its smooth texture and it incredible clarity. Easy to melt, flows well onto mandrel with no thermal shocking.

Looking at the 3rd photo. The top bead on the left has( from left to right): Effetre black, Effetre intense black, Reichenbach deep black, Lauscha black, Lauscha black. The wriggle dot bead on the right is Lauscha black and Effetre white. 

The Lauscha black stringers are slighter denser and darker in colour than the Effetre black. Comparing Effetre and Lauscha blacks - Lauscha is more viscous and slightly stiffer, making it easier to manage as a stringer but more difficult to apply consistent small dots. 

COE: 104 and is compatible with our other COE 104 glass.

Length: approximately 33-35cm

Lauscha Code: SNO480

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