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536 Carnelian Opalino

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Diameters available: 5-6mm.

Working notes: A striking colour in the Opalino range for Effetre. Unstruck its a creamy ivory colour and when struck it transforms to an orange pink. The colour does vary from batch to batch.

Current batch 1 Testing Notes: "This pale ivory striking glass is another surprise! It was slow to develop its colour in the flame but showed off pale peach and honey colours during the bead making session.

Care is needed when first immersing this glass into the flame as it can easily shock and spit glass and is best worked in a low but neutral flame.

I used a leaf mashing tool to create the petals on these flower beads, pressing firmly to allow the imprint to remain on the hot glass.

The glass reacted to this pressure by becoming translucent in colour and almost transparent in some places, retained the change of colour which occurred in the flame.

This created a variety of colours and effects on the glass surface when cooled.

There was a significant difference between this and the other glass (#536 2) in both the way the glass handed itself during the making process and the look and feel of the beads once they had cooled down. However, both were soft and malleable in the flame and easy to control when shaping the molten glass.

Even though they are similar/same glass types these two difference glass types produce difference results – both a pleasant surprise and hand me scrambling through my glass stash for more of the same!"

Current batch 2 Testing Notes: "This glass was a real surprise to work with. Traditionally in its rod form, it is one I would not I would normally be drawn to.

Unassuming and very plain to look at but beautifully reactive in the flame.

Care is needed when first immersing this glass into the flame as it can be easily shock and spit glass.

It is best worked in a low but neutral flame, eliminating the chance of burning or scorching the soft glass.

As the glass is worked in the low end of the flame, this colour beings to strike from its pale pink form to a soft pink/buttery rose colour palette.

Here I used a brass petal shaping tool to create detail to the flower beads, noting that where the glass remained thick, the colour developed a rich and intense array of pink/pecan colours.

When pressed firmly within the petal shaper (in the thinner and outer parts of the leaves) the colours returned to the original colour of the glass in its rod form. I loved seeing the magic in this glass!"

COE: 104 and is compatible with our other COE 104 glass.

Length: approximately 33-35cm

Effetre code: 591536

Effetre was previously called Moretti and these names are still used interchangeable in the lampworking community.

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