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Clear Crystal Ice Fusible

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Size: Standard

Clear Crystal Ice is a clear option offering a high level of distortion and refraction with its icy, crystalline texture. May require a bubble-squeeze for use in fusing.

Sold in 30x30cm squares.

Compatible with COE096. 


Opacity: Transparent

Process: Continuous Ribbon

Texture: Textured

Thickness: Standard (3mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kay L.
Interesting glass

This glass looks amazing with all its texture and gives a lovely effect on fusing

Anne M.
Clear with texture

I purchased this glass as it was the only clear available at a reasonable price.
Smooth on one side & very textured on the other. I was surprised that it was easy to cut curves or straight lines. The main problem is that the texture causes very sharp edges - I had more finger cuts than I've ever had cutting glass!
It fired okay, with the texture causing tiny bubbles in plates using the clear as a base for transparent colours - quite attractive , & a slightly bumpy surface on the underside if I used it upside down.

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