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Copper Leaf Book

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quantity: 25 leaf book

A sheet is 14x14cm (5 1/2"x 5 1/2"). A book has 25 sheets.

When fired, the Copper will oxidise and leave an antique patina (cyan) colour image. Works with any COE. 

Add as a base to a glass bead or add delicate details in glass fusing, a single layer may leave faint traces of colour, multiple layers will create a stronger design.

The copper alloy in metal leaf will tarnish, therefore all metal leaf must be sealed to prevent tarnishing. 

TIPS to try:

Put over a base of Opal Yellow 266 and etch the final bead to remove the black surface. Example beads and the photo are by Carol Oliver (Crystal Flipz Designs). She has added light ivory 264 over the copper leaf before etching.

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