Goldmist Rod

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Limited Production

Hazy, translucent opalescent pale yellow with an almost pearly interior sheen. Similar in color (but not opacity) to Pale Yellow Tint. Opalescence will vary, depending largely upon heatwork. When worked hot, its transparency increases and may become clear. Work this glass relatively cool to develop its ethereal qualities.

Bullseye limited edition and special production glass are made in the moment by Bullseye's casters when they're feeling inspired. They're manufactured in small batches only, so once they're gone ....they're gone

All rods are 42cm in length and 4-5mm diameter. This colour will shift once its heated in the flame and reacts to metals.

Bullseye is 90COE and isn't compatible with Effetre or Vetrofond Rods. Annealing Temperature range is 505- 520 Celsius.