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216 Grass Green

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Diameters available:5-6mm.

Working notes: A pastel green in the Effetre range which is a great grass colour or stem for flowers.

Our testers have suggested:

"Both batches when etched lead to a nice natural looking leaves"

"Grass green June 12 is considerably more vibrant than grass green batch June 20. Both when mashed it have variations in different shades of green throughout the rod. The June 12 batch gives the appearance of brighter, where as the June 20 version with it is muted tones produces a more natural looking green with a touch of teal."

"The old version was a brighter green colour had quite a lot of variegation and looked much like the gemstone malachite. The new version was a darker green in colour and very little variegation."

"2020 is darker in colour & less striations than 2016"

"Both are medium dense to work with and feel relatively similar to work. When a 20 mm gather was made an pulled out, the variations in the different shades is quite noticeable and provides a lot of visual interest as they neither are a flat solid colour."

"I made some glass leaf headpins and these were decorated with 96 RW colour shifting Raku frit. Again - the Effetre glass was stable and did not reject with glass frit with a different co-efficient."

"Both do not like a hot flame due to bringing out the copper, which can be a little frustrating if you like to work quickly, but patience is a virtue, turn your torch down a touch to eliminate these issues or work further out in the flame."

COE: 104 and is compatible with our other COE 104 glass.

Length: approximately 33-35cm

Effetre code: 591216

Effetre was previously called Moretti and these names are still used interchangeable in the lampworking community.

Batch made 30/06/20 and was received Sept 21.

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