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Green and White Lauscha Millifiori cane

Original price $20.80 - Original price $20.80
Original price
$20.80 - $20.80
Current price $20.80
Diameter: 4-6mm 100grams

Diameter available: 4-6mm 

Working notes: This is a transparent rod with stripes of White and Green in the core and encased in clear. The ends could be cut to make millifiori - great for flower centres or pulled into stringer for vines behind flowers. The amazing lines it gives when spiraled around the core of a bead and it's optical qualities are just crystal clear, no bubbles.

These are limited edition so only small quantity available and unlikely to be available again once sold out

COE: 104 and is compatible with our other COE 104 glass.

Length: approximately 33-35cm

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