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Hot Head 2 torch

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The latest, upgraded Hot Head bead making torch - perfect for 104 COE glass.

Developed and designed exclusively for the beadmaking industry, this torch head for MAPP Gas tanks gives more oxygen to the head for truer, clearer and more vibrant colours. Good beginning torch that can use BBQ gas or LPG.

Inexpensive, needs no elaborate fuel or oxygen tanks and is easy to set up. The ideal way to get started making glass beads!

- Brass Burner Tube
- Portable/Lightweight
- Noise Reduction
- Adjustable Flame Control Knob
- Easy to Use
- Perfect for 104 COE Glass

Each Hot Head II Bead Making Torch is carefully examined and tested, before being packaged. Download the instruction guide, containing important safety considerations for your new torch.

Designed to  attached to a MAPP gas bottle directly, or with appropriate adaptors or a hose to your gas bottle.

The Hot head adaptor  is used in conjunction with another adaptor (depending on the bottle) to connect directly to the bottle. Scroll down for different bottle connections

1) The hot head adaptor connects directly between the hot head and the Primus bottle pictured.

2) For a generic small gas bottle (3 kg or less) you will need a 3/8" left hand adaptor and the Hot Head adaptor. The Hot Head connects to the Hot Head adaptor, the 3/8"Left Hand adaptor and then onto the bottle.


3) You can also connect to larger gas bottles e.g. 9 kg using a POL adaptor. The Hot Head connects to the Hot Head adaptor, then to the POL adaptor onto the bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Julian K.
Great little burner

Amazing customer service, great products. I'll be a return customer

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