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Puffy Hollow Mandrels

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I have a number of sizes of Puffy's hollow mandrels. Sold as an individual mandrel. Based on outside diameter:
  • 4.7mm
  • 6.3mm

These are imported from the US.

Instructions for using Puffy Mandrels

Step 1: Hold you finger over the hole of the end of the mandrel opposite the side-drilled end. Dip the drilled end into you bead release so the mandrel is covered about 10cm in length.

Step 2: After you have dipped the mandrel, and before you place it upright to dry, blow gently into the undipped end to clear the side hole in the dipped end. If the mandrel end hole opens also, just re-dip the end, and then set aside to dry. 

Step 3: Building the bead:

- Wrap a disc of glass (a little thicker than you would normally use), about 2cm on each side of the drilled hole. This distance can be varied according to the size of the hollow bead you are trying to create. When these wound discs are about 1cm in diameter, start winding the coils into the middle of the space to meet each other, making sure there are no air holes.

- Keep your finger over the hole of the undipped end, slowly rotate, and melt so it begins to appear as a hollow bead. The bead will collapse a little, this is ok. Continue to heat gently and evenly so you have a good heat base for the next step.

- Keep the bead parallel to your table, and while slowly rotating to keep centered, bring the undipped end to our mouth and block the end with your lip or tongue. You don€™t need to press very hard.

- Keep covered, and rotate slowly until the bead is just red hot. Very gently puffinto the tube and the bead will begin to inflate. If you need to add more air, and the bead has cooled enough so the glass will not expand, repeat this step again. Always remember to heat evenly and keep the undipped end covered.

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