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Heliotrope Rod RW011

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Title: 100 grams

Immerse yourself in the rich hues of Reichenbach's Heliotrope (RW255), a highly saturated colour that brings a vibrant and dynamic touch to your glass art. Though unassuming in solid rod form, Heliotrope transforms beautifully when worked and mixed, making it a versatile choice for a variety of glass techniques.

  • Length and Diameter: Each rod is 30cm in length and 3-5mm in diameter.
  • Coefficient of Expansion (COE): 96
  • Annealing Temperature: 505-520°C

Pricing: Sold per 100 grams.

Colour Characteristics:

  • In solid rod form, Heliotrope appears almost black.
  • Ideal for blown work, colour mixing, twisties, and frit applications.
  • Works best in a neutral flame; excessive oxygen can produce a metallic shimmer on the surface.
  • Mix with clear glass to reveal beautiful merlot red tones.
  • When combined with Reichenbach enamel white, it yields a stunning variety of purples, blues, and merlot hues.

Note: The picture illustrates the colour only. The product is sold in rod form.

Explore the versatile and rich colour of Heliotrope in your glass creations, and watch as it transforms your artwork with its unique and captivating shades.

Pictures courtesy of Reichenbach.

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