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Wine Red RW232

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Title: 100 grams

Elevate your glass art with the luxurious hues of Reichenbach's Wine Red (RW232). This highly saturated, dark transparent red brings a rich, sophisticated touch to your projects, especially when mixed and worked with clear glass.

  • Length and Diameter: Each rod is 30cm in length and 3-5mm in diameter.
  • Coefficient of Expansion (COE): 96
  • Annealing Temperature: 505-520°C

Pricing: Sold per 100 grams.

Colour Characteristics:

  • In solid rod form, Wine Red appears almost black.
  • When mixed with clear, it transforms into a stunning merlot pink or burgundy.
  • Perfect for creating berry tones and transparent accents.
  • Similar to Brilliant Red, but with unique pink shades ideal for specific artistic effects.
  • Works smoothly in a neutral flame, melting easily for versatile applications.
  • A little goes a long way, making it efficient for colour mixing.

Creative Possibilities:

  • Mix with clear glass to achieve beautiful merlot pink and burgundy hues.
  • Ideal for detailed work such as berries and other transparent accents.
  • Perfect for adding rich, deep colours to your glass art projects.

Note: The picture illustrates the colour only. The product is sold in rod form.

Experience the depth and elegance of Wine Red in your glass creations, bringing a touch of luxury and sophistication to your artistic expressions.

Pictures courtesy of Reichenbach.

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