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Skylla Rod

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Size: Rod

This colour strikes to produce bright blues, purples and teals while the copper ruby produces reds when applied in thin layers all the way to black if thickly applied.

Made by Double Helix. The glass is COE 104


Working Notes from Double Helix:

Skylla is a silver striking and copper ruby glass based on the popular test batch TK-645 and a relative of Terranova 2.1. Skylla has several improvements over previous silver/copper striking colours. The colours are brighter, the reset is complete, the nucleation is heterogeneous and the copper ruby is redder.

Striking Sequence For Best Results

Skylla on the Surface:

  • Reset (Heat the glass until translucent) this means soupy and cooking it a lot
  • Cool for 30 seconds or longer so the colour starts to solidify (until the glow fades)
  • Strike for 30-45 seconds by reheating at the tip of the flame. Repeat to see the colour shift from blues to purples

Encased Skylla:

  • Encase then Reset (heat glass until translucent)
  • Cool for 45 seconds
  • Strike for 45-60 seconds by reheating at the tip of the flame

Learn More

View the Double Helix tutorial on How to Make a Tapestry Bead Using Skylla on Snapguide.

All tested compatible with Effetre Clear 104 coe.


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