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Spring Green Opaque 0126

Original price $32.55 - Original price $40.50
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$32.55 - $40.50
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Bullseye sheet is available in 2mm and 3mm thickness,

The 3mm thick or Handy sheet is approximately 280 x 250 x 3mm  (the dimensions may vary slightly depending on the sheet)

The 2mm thick or thin sheet is approximately 250 x 210 x 2mm  (the dimensions may vary slightly depending on the sheet)

Compatible with COE090. 

Cold Characteristics

Colour variations are common from minty pastel to vibrant yellow-green.

Working Notes

Lighter colouration matures and becomes consistent with to target upon firing. A sulphur glass. May react with lead and copper glasses to create a dark interface (lead sulphide, copper sulphide).

This style is unsuitable for kiln casting because it can become incompatible when held at high temperatures for an extended period.



May React With

Copper, Lead, Silver

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