Arke Rod


A reactive glass made by Double Helix. The glass is COE 104.

It can develop exterior metallic finishes of silver, gold, green, red and blue. 

Variations in flame chemistry, exposure time and temperature alter which metals are deposited on the surface of the glass.  The green metallic finish is achieved using a €œhot€? reduction flame.  The silver tone can be achieved from brief exposure to a €œcool€? reduction flame, while the red tones are developed by repeated reduction. Contrast between these metallic finishes can be highlighted by using a small oxidizing flame to remove the metallic lustre from selected portions of the bead, then re-exposing the bead to a reduction flame, building metallic layers of alternating composition. 

All tested compatible with Effetre Clear 104 coe.

Pictures curtesy of Double Helix.

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