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Marine fish Millefiori

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Type: Single piece

Size:  4-6mm.  Please note that sizes are average and will vary some. 

Description: These handcrafted murrine are by Jackie Gundelfinger of Gundyglass murrini. 

This murrini is currently for using in lampworking and is just nipped, not saw cut and polished for collecting or using in other projects.
They are made from Effetre, Cim, Vetrofond, Reichenbach, Double Helix, Precision, and Tag glass colours. 

To use: Make sure to preheat all murrini properly to avoid cracking and popping. To preheat you can warm murrini in or on kiln and then very gently wave it in the back of the flame several times until heated enough to use without braking.

Preheat your bead, and place the heated murrini on the hot area of your bead and press down lightly and slowly to avoid smearing. Press the murrini almost flush to the bead so the image stays nice and to avoid air bubbles. 

COE: 104

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