1119 Sienna Rod

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All rods are 42cm in length and 4-5mm diameter. Bullseye is 90COE and isn't compatible with Effetre or Vetrofond Rods. Annealing Temperature range is 505- 520 Celsius.



Copper, Selenium, Sulfur

May React With

Lead, Selenium, Silver, Sulfur

Cold Characteristics

Very dark brown.

Working Notes

Torch: Color develops in the flame. Keep this style transparent by using it in small amounts with minimal heatwork.

Kiln: Working properties and kilnformed characteristics are consistent with sheet glass.


The brown color of this style results from reactions between several of the elements that are listed as reactive with one another elsewhere on this chart. As such, it may react with many of the other glasses that contain these elements. However it is likely that the reaction will be subtle or unnoticeable due to similarities in the color of the reaction and the color of the glass. We advise labeling all striking glasses.