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Torch mounted Graphite Pad

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Original price $75.00
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A mounted marver gives you the flexibility to shape your glass without holding a tool in your hand. They have a small lip designed to hold millefiori or small items (eg cubic zirconias, metals etc) you want to warm up before adding to the glass.

We have 3 styles of mounted Marvers: for a Hot head,  Specialised and for Nortel Minor and Mega torches. 

The graphite area of the Marver for a Hot Head (from Griffins Tools) is 5x 7.6cm.

The graphite area of the Marver for the Nortel Minor & Mega Torches are 5.5cm x 7.7mm. It has a saddle designed to go around the top of the barrel of the torch. Note the saddles are different sizes so the Minor & Mega Torch mounted marver will not fit on a hot head.

The graphite area of the Specialised marver is 6.3cm x 7.6mm. It has a steel bracket designed to attach to large barrels from 3.1cm up to 6.4m such as a Rocket, or CC torch. 

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