Torch mounted Graphite Pad

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The graphite area is 6.4cm x 7.6mm and the pad is at an angle to the barrel of the torch body, giving you a larger and more level working surface and more clearance around the valve knobs than other versions of this must have torch accessory. '

We have 2 styles: Univeral and Specialised.

The Universal has a hose clamp that allows you to fasten around torch barrels up to 3.1cm in diameter. Designed for the following torches and more: Hot Head, Minor Burner, Mega Minor, Mid Range Plus with Mega Minor top torch, Major Burner with Mega Minor top torch, Alpha, Bravo, Bobcat, Lynx, Cheetah, Phantom, Mirage, Cricket, Bobcat, Scorpion, Sidewinder, Little Dragon 7, Little Dragon 21, Mini CC, Hellcat, Hellfire.

The specialised marver is design to fit around barrels 3.1cm up to 6.4m such as a Rocket, or CC torch.