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Wafer Millefiori Murrine COE090

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These are made from XL murrine which are pulled much larger than normal murrine  and annealed for 4 hours

The wafers are sandblasted after coming out of the kiln to remove all the residue kiln wash and thin fire, they will need to be refired to make them shiny again,. 

Using a unique process created by Tabitha Burrill, these murrine are made using a vitigraph kiln and then sliced. These can be used in both Lampworking and fusing.

All made with 100% 90COE glass. This is a mix of various large flowers, they may vary from the photo.

For fusing do not fire over 730°C to keep their shape.

The pieces vary from 15-30mm in diameter.

10grams is approximately 3 pieces.

25grams is approximately 5-6 pieces

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